FCC votes to repeal US net neutrality rules

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Dec 5, 2017
In the US today,

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to end the 2015 Open Internet Order which protects net neutrality in the United States.
The decision was taken during a much-anticipated meeting in Washington, DC, on Thursday.

Net neutrality requires all internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all data equally, without blocking, "throttling" or censoring services or websites.

The vote - three Republican commissioners in favour, two Democrat commissioners against - enacts the Restoring Internet Freedom initiative, which is widely seen as giving ISPs greater power to limit internet access while favouring certain data streams.

Mignon Clyburn, an FCC commissioner and a former member of Congress who was appointed to the FCC by Barack Obama in 2009, said the vote signified a "norm where the majority [of FCC commissioners] ignores the will of the people" during arguments against ending net neutrality.

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Dec 3, 2017
Doesn't the US interfere with other nations business under the guise of 'freedom of speech' ETC, but than doesn't want to extend the same freedoms to her own people?

This is dangerous, it is very very dangerous to oppress and discriminate. Next the will be melting Lady Liberty for scrap because all she represents has disintegrated.


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Dec 2, 2017
I was afraid this would happen. The last month or so I have been calling and writing letters to congress ect... If we can get Congress to stop this—by passing a "Resolution of Disapproval" to overturn the FCC vote. https://www.battleforthenet.com/


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Dec 7, 2017
It was already concerning to witness how Orwellian the US government became after 9/11, but this is something else. This isn't supposed to happen in a self-declared democratic country that allegedly loves freedom and throws about the First Amendment to justify even religious bigotry.

I mean, come on the US government hates everything China and now the FCC takes a step that is the beginning of a similar path? You might think I exaggerate but authoritarianism always starts out small.

I do have to wonder if these com companies have lobbied government officials. Is that a thing in the States to anyone's knowledge? I know you peeps have fairly strong anti-trust laws and other similar legislation so I wouldn't expect lobby to be practiced either, but still, I have the doubt.

In any case, the whole topic is nonsense. I can understand the fear of the misuses internet can have in the hands of the wrong people, but those few shouldn't have to be a reason for the rest of the population to basically have their liberties curtailed.

Again, you might think I exaggerate, but you start like this, the next step in the control game gets easier and easier.
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Dec 3, 2017
Has anyone heard anymore news on this? I have heard a couple different companies say they plan to sue the FCC and try to overturn their ruling.