Low Carbing

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Dec 4, 2017
Any low carbing members? I've been low carb for over two years and will have my two year ketoversary for staying keto 2/10/18. After nine years drug and insulin dependent for Type II DM I will be drug free two years in March. This means it took only a few weeks into keto to stop all the drugs and begin truly healing my insulin resistance through nutrition! And it has NOT been all that difficult! I'm very grateful and I'm saving a boatload on meds and other healthcare expenses, like six needles daily! I average less then 15 grams carbs daily and do not miss the carbage very much at all! Lastly, for now, the BIGGEST advantage to this change in my life has been the restorative sleep!!! I never knew that what I eat actually determined the daily pain and inflammation that was not being repaired during my terrible years and years of dysfunctional sleep. Every day when I wake up and have to stretch and stretch before rising because I've slept so well I renew my gratitude for finding this way of eating and living. It has drastically changed my life for ever! <3 <3 <3


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Dec 2, 2017
I have been slowly trying to reduce carbs but since I am type 1 diabetic I still need some in my diet. (You can read my post about my diabetes here) I do count my carbs and it helps to keep my blood sugar levels in target range.

I know a few people who are type 2 diabetics and can control their blood sugars with just diet and exercise which is really cool.


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Dec 3, 2017
I am a long way from being diabetic, but I have made a massive reduction in carbs in my diet by excluding Breads, Pasta's, Rice and other high BADS Carbs and increasing my proteins like more fish, red meat and chicken.

My goal, to lose weight. I weighed between 58 and 62kg for most of my life, but gave up smoking 6 years ago ad my weight ballooned to 90kg and my stomach measured 108cm.

I now sit on about 79kg, stomach is 95cm.

Gym and diet are starting to pay off...only 9kg to go until I am at my goal weight.


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Dec 3, 2017
I like my carbs and am lucky I don't need to cut them out. But I have recently begun switching to whole grains. I have to take a nutrition class for my major, and my professor just talked me into it. Health benefits aside, I like the idea of eating bread and pasta as it was eaten "in the old days." I started a bread baking hobby, so the fact that it spoils faster doesn't worry me. For my health though, my lack of exercise should be my number one concern.
I think foods made from whole grain flour isn't any better on the glycemic index, if that's your plan, but it is rich in fiber. Of course if you're eating a double bacon cheeseburger, a whole wheat bun is not going to save you.
Congrats on your health improvement :Thumbsup:
I hope your health stays good and doesn't go back to what it was. Keep up the good work


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Dec 7, 2017
Well, I wish I could say I do this, but no, I kinda like my carbs. I do keep myself in check and that along with exercise is what allowed me to lose weight. It took a bit to start taking effect, because my diet is still not ideal, but I'm happy with the results I'm getting. Plus, if I avoid the family history with diabetes, all the better.

Ideally you'd want to keep your blood glucose/insulin levels in control and as constant as possible and this goes for health problems (diabetes mostly) and for weight loss/maintenance.

Insulin is that thing that says to your cells "you have a shit load of glucose, so how about we take this excess Acetyl-CoA (glycolytic product) and turn it into fatty acids so you save for a rainy day?" So you get fat because, well, all that energy that your taking as carb and not spending elsewhere has to go somewhere. That somewhere is fat storage.

Problem is, overtime cells lose insulin sensitivity when you're constantly overloading carbs. Reducing the amount and exercise are the ways to go to reverse this before you hit that diabetes stage. And I wouldn't discard that (type II) diabetes is somewhat reversible too.

So kudos to you for sticking to this and improving your health. Don't over do it though, glycolysis is still the main energy generation pathway and carbohydrates also perform other functions in cells, such as structuration.