Unsupportive Family? Your Holiday Mom.

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Dec 5, 2017
If you're LGBTQ2+, the holidays can be an especially difficult time of the year. Many of us are not in contact with or welcomed at the celebrations of our biological families. YourHolidayMom.com is an amazing collective of supportive moms who write letters of love and support to queer and trans youth and adults who may be feeling alone during the holidays.

Bowyn Aerrow

Well-Known Member
Dec 5, 2017
I was lucky, I got a surrogate mom who was one hell of a lady and who desperately tried to save me from all the things in my life. Unfortunately she couldn't save me from myself.

One day I promise I will write her story and the book's title would be 'My Momma Was A Black Man.'

Yes a Transgender woman gave me maternal love that my mother failed to have. I called her Momma and she called me Baby - and it was a child/parent relationship. Sure we got really strange looks in public, but hey the straight world failed me when it came to cherished childhood memories. Momma gave me the closest thing to that.

She's passed on now. I still miss her like crazy at times. Such is life.